Formula: Fe.455 Al2.29 Si.95 O6
Name: Staurolite
Unit cell: 7.8783 16.6172 5.6591 90.0 90.0 90.0 , V=740.86
Space group: CCMM (63)

Koch-Muller M , Kahlenberg V , Bubenick W , Gottschalk M , European Journal of Mineralogy , 10 (1998) p.453-460, Crystal-structure refinement of synthetic Fe- and Mg-staurolite by, Rietveld analysis of X-ray powder-diffraction data, Sample: Fe-staurolite synthesized at 5 kbar, Note: These coordinates do not reproduce the reported bond lengths, but, Koch-Muller tells me that the coordinates are correct, and the reported, bond lengths were incorrect.