Formula: Mg.744 Al1.448 Mn.003 Fe.251 Ti.004 Cr.544 Ni.006 O4
Name: Spinel
Unit cell: 8.17149 8.17149 8.17149 90.0 90.0 90.0 , V=545.64
Space group: FD3M (227)

Lenaz D , Logvinova A M , Princivalle F , Sobolev N V , American Mineralogists , 94 (2009) p.1067-1070, Structural parameters of chromite included in diamond and kimberlites, from Siberia: A new tool for discriminating ultramafic source, Locality: Obnazhennaya pipe,within the Kuoika kimberlite field, Russia, Note: sample O-601