Formula: Na.484 Al8.982 B3.324 Si5.676 O31 H5
Name: Rossmanite
Unit cell: 15.8031 15.8031 7.0877 90.0 90.0 120.0 , V=1532.92
Space group: R3M (160)

Ertl A , Rossman G R , Hughes J M , Prowatke S , Ludwig T , American Mineralogist , 90 (2005) p.481-487, Mn-bearing oxy-rossmanite with tetrahedrally-coordinated Al and B from, Austria: Structure, chemistry, and infrared and optical spectroscopic study, Sample: REDT1 from Eibenstein an der Thaya, Lower Austria, Reported formula: (Na.46 Ca.01) (Al2.37 Li.33 Mn2+.25 Fe2+.04 Ti4+.01) Al6, (Si5.47 Al.28 B.25) O18 (BO3)3 [(OH)2.85 O.15] [O.86 (OH).10 F.04], Tourmaline