Formula: (K.92 Na.08) (Mg1.62 Fe1.23 Ti.09 Mn.06) (Si2.98 Al1.02) O11.06 (F.94 H1.06)
Name: Phlogopite
Unit cell: 5.3346 9.2417 10.182 90.0 100.26 90.0 , V=493.95
Space group: C12/M1 (12)

Russell R L , Guggenheim S , The Canadian Mineralogist , 37 (1999) p.711-720, The crystal structures of near-end-member phlogopite at high temperatures, and heat-treated Fe-rich phlogopite: The influence of the O, OH, F site, Note: untreated, room temperature, Fe-rich phlogopite, Locality: Silver Crater mine, Ontario, Canada