Formula: (K.94 Na.06) Mg1.44 Fe1.14 Ti.3 Al1.32 Si2.8 O12
Name: Phlogopite
Unit cell: 5.3403 9.2485 10.1867 90.0 100.132 90.0 , V=495.27
Space group: C12/M1 (12)

Laurora A , Brigatti M F , Mottana A , Malferrari D , Caprilli E , American Mineralogist , 92 (2007) p.468-480, Crystal chemistry of trioctahedral micas in alkaline and subalkaline volcanic, rocks: A case study from Mt. Sassetto (Tolfa district, Latium, central Italy), Locality: Mt. Sassetto, Tolfa district, Latium, Italy, Sample: MS3(2), Note: 1M polytype