Formula: Na.48 K.01 Ca1.13 Mn1.04 Mg4.21 Fe.04 Al.51 Si7.52 O24 H2
Name: Parvo-manganotremolite
Unit cell: 9.7807 18.0548 5.2928 90.0 104.19 90.0 , V=906.13
Space group: C12/M1 (12)

Oberti R , Camara F , Della Ventura G , Iezzi G , Benimoff A I , American Mineralogist , 91 (2006) p.526-532, Parvo-mangano-edenite, parvo-manganotremolite, and the solid solution, between Ca and Mn2+ at the M4 site in amphiboles, Locality: amphibole, Grenville marble, Arnold open pit, St Lawrence Co, New York, USA, Sample: 1104, Note: A and B occupancies invented to match formula