Formula: Na.64 Ca.11 K.002 Al6.483 Mg2.007 Fe.411 Ti.099 Si6 B3 O30.97 F.03 H3.07
Name: Olenite
Unit cell: 15.9149 15.9149 7.1757 90.0 90.0 120.0 , V=1573.99
Space group: R3M (160)

Ertl A , Hughes J M , Brandstatter F , Dyar M D , Prasad P S R , The Canadian Mineralogist , 41 (2003) p.1363-1370, Disordered Mg-bearing olenite from a granitic pegmatite at Goslarn, Austria:, A chemical, structural, and infrared spectroscopic study, Sample: GOS2, from the sample core, Locality: Goslarn, Austria