Formula: Mn4.57 Zn.32 Ca.08 As4 O20 H10
Name: Miguelromeroite
Unit cell: 18.015 9.261 9.77 90.0 96.238 90.0 , V=1620.35
Space group: C12/C1 (15)

Kampf A R , Ross C R , American Mineralogist , 73 (1988) p.1172-1178, End-member villyaellenite from Mapimi, Durango, Mexico: Descriptive mineralogy,, crystal structure, and implications for the ordering of Mn and Ca in type, villyaellenite, Note: refinition of villyaellenite and introduction of miguelromeroite, results in a name change for this structure refinement, Locality: Mapimi, Durango, Mexico