Formula: (Y.33 La.03 Ce.12 Pr.03 Nd.23 Sm.12 Eu.02 Gd.08 Dy.04) Al S2 C2 O24 H24
Name: Levinsonite-(Y)
Unit cell: 10.289 9.234 11.015 90.0 108.5 90.0 , V=992.44
Space group: P12/N1 (13)

Rouse R C , Peacor D R , Essene E J , Coskren T D , Lauf R J , Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta , 65 (2001) p.1101-1115, The new minerals levinsonite-(Y) [(Y,Nd,Ce)Al(SO4)2(C2O4)*12H2O] and, zugshunstite-(Ce) [(Ce,Nd,La)Al(SO4)2(C2O4)*12H2O]: coexisting oxalates with, different structures and differentiation of LREE and HREE, Locality: Alum Cave Bluff, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee