Formula: (Ca.51 Mn.49) C O3
Name: Kutnohorite
Unit cell: 4.8732 4.8732 16.349 90.0 90.0 120.0 , V=336.24
Space group: R11-3 (1)

Peacor D R , Essene E J , Gaines A M , American Mineralogist , 72 (1987) p.319-328, Petrologic and crystal-chemical implications of cation order-disorder in, kutnahorite (CaMn(CO3)2), Sample: Bald Knob kutnahorite, Note: B(1,2) for MnA/CaA has been altered to match symmetry constraints., Note: B(1,1) and B(2,2) for CaB/MnB have been corrected.