Formula: Zr1.31 Ca3.27 Fe.24 Mn1.1 Ce.08 Y.04 Na6.91 Ti.87 Nb.1 Si8 O30.4 F5.6
Name: Kochite
Unit cell: 10.032 11.333 7.202 90.192 100.334 111.551 , V=747.07
Space group: P-1 (2)

Christiansen C C , Gault R A , Grice J D , Johnsen O , European Journal of Mineralogy , 15 (2003) p.551-554, Kochite, a new member of the rosenbuschite group from the Werner, Bjerge alkaline complex, East Greenland, Locality: Werner Bjerge alkaline complex, East Greenland