Formula: Ca3.27 Mn3.68 Na14.479 Fe.79 Al.13 Mg.05 Nb.55 Zr2.93 Ti.23 Si25.1 Y.42 K.3 Sr.15 Hf.06 O75.81 F1.51 Cl.269 H.22
Name: Kentbrooksite
Unit cell: 14.1686 14.1686 30.0847 90.0 90.0 120.0 , V=5230.34
Space group: R3M (160)

Johnsen O , Grice J D , Gault R A , European Journal of Mineralogy , 10 (1998) p.207-219, Kentbrooksite from the Kangerdlugssuaq intrusion, East Greenland,, a new Mn-REE-Nb-F end-member in a series within the eudialyte group:, Description and crystal structure, Locality: Kangerdlugssuaq intrusion, East Greenland