Formula: Mn1.436 Fe.48 P O5
Name: Joosteite
Unit cell: 11.888 6.409 9.804 90.0 106.17 90.0 , V=717.42
Space group: I12/A1 (15)

Keller P , Lissner F , Schleid T , Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie, Abhandlungen , 184 (2007) p.225-230, The crystal structure of joosteite, (Mn2+,Mn3+,Fe3+)2[PO4]O, from the Helikon II mine,, Karibib (Namibia), and its relationship to stanekite, (Fe3+,Mn2+,Fe2+,Mg)2[PO4]O, Note: M1 and M2 Fe/Mn occupancies not determined, below are estimates, Locality: Helikon II mine, Karibib, Namibia