Formula: Fe12.64 Mg.4 Mn2.52 Zr.16 Na2.68 Ti8 Si16 Ba2.32 K1.44 Ca1.6 O73.28 F2.72 H9.28
Name: Jinshajiangite
Unit cell: 10.6785 13.786 20.7 90.0 94.937 90.0 , V=3036.02
Space group: C12/M1 (12)

Sokolova E , Camara F , Hawthorne F C , Abdu Y , European Journal of Mineralogy , 21 (2009) p.871-883, From structure topology to chemical composition. VII. Titanium silicates:, the crystal structure and crystal chemistry of jinshajiangite, Locality: Norra Karr, Tonkoping province, Sweden