Formula: (K.89 Na.1 Ba.01) Mg1.572 Zn.54 Mn.4 Fe.252 Ti.072 Al1.138 Cr.006 Si2.92 O12 H2
Name: Hendricksite
Unit cell: 5.34 9.254 10.235 90.0 100.07 90.0 , V=497.98
Space group: C12/M1 (12)

Robert J L , Gasperin M , Tschermaks Mineralogische und Petrographische Mitteilungen , 34 (1985) p.1-14, Crystal structure refinement of hendricksite, a Zn- and Mn-rich trioctahedral, potassium mica: a contribution to the crystal chemistry of zinc-bearing minerals, Locality: Franklin Furnace, New Jersey, USA, Note: polytype 1M