Formula: Na.414 Ca.002 K.002 (Fe1.71 Al6.99 Mg.3) Si6 B2.88 H3.54 O30.89 F.11
Name: Foitite
Unit cell: 15.973 15.973 7.137 90.0 90.0 120.0 , V=1576.95
Space group: R3M (160)

Francis C A , Dyar M D , Williams M L , Hughes J M , The Canadian Mineralogist , 37 (1999) p.1431-1438, The occurrence and crystal structure of foitite from a tungsten-bearing vein, at Copper Mountain, Taos County, New Mexico, Note: y-coordinate of H3 changed to x/2., Locality: Copper Mountain, Taos County, New Mexico