Formula: Na3.12 K.86 Ca.02 Mg1.76 Fe1.04 Zn.04 Al1.18 Ti.02 (Li.91 Mn.09) Si7.96 O22.6 F1.4 H.6
Name: Fluoro-aluminoleakeite
Unit cell: 9.7043 17.7341 5.2833 90.0 104.067 90.0 , V=881.97
Space group: C12/M1 (12)

Oberti R , Camara F , Hawthorne F C , Ball N A , Mineralogical Magazine , 73 (2009) p.817-824, Fluoro-aluminoleakeite, NaNa2(Mg2Al2Li)Si8O22F2, a new mineral of the, amphibole group from Norra Karr, Sweden: description and crystal structure, Locality: Norra Karr, Granna, Jonkoping, Smaland, Sweden