Formula: Ca3.295 Sr1.044 Na.195 La.175 Ce.185 Nd.066 Pr.04 P3 O12.251 (F.749 H.251)
Name: Fluorcaphite
Unit cell: 9.4853 9.4853 6.9862 90.0 90.0 120.0 , V=544.34
Space group: P63 (173)

Chakhmouradian A R , Hughes J M , Rakovan J F , The Canadian Mineralogist , 43 (2005) p.735-746, Fluorcaphite, a second occurrence and detailed structural analysis:, Simultaneous accommodation of Ca, Sr, Na, LREE in the apatite atomic arrangement, Sample: Mt. Koashva, Khibina complex, Kola Peninsula, northwestern Russia