Formula: (Si2.79 B.09 P.12) (Ca2.45 Y.1 La.55 Ce1.05 Pr.1 Nd.3 Sm.05 Th.35 U.05) O12.12 (F.88 H.12)
Name: Fluorbritholite-(Ce)
Unit cell: 9.547 9.547 6.991 90.0 90.0 120.0 , V=551.83
Space group: P63 (173)

Oberti R , Ottolini L , Della Ventura G , Parodi G C , American Mineralogist , 86 (2001) p.1066-1075, On the symmetry and crystal chemistry of britholite:, New structural and microanalytical data, Sample: CAPR in volcanic ejectum from Capranica, Latium, Italy