Formula: (Sn1.736 Ti.264) Al14.784 Li.576 Zn2.102 Fe1.97 Mn.034 Mg.258 O32 H2
Name: Ferronigerite-6N6S
Unit cell: 5.716 5.716 55.444 90.0 90.0 120.0 , V=1568.81
Space group: R11-3 (1)

Armbruster T , Feenstra A , European Journal of Mineralogy , 16 (2004) p.247-254, Lithium in nigerite-group minerals, Note: sample #N17471, Locality: Egbe District, Kabba Province, Nigeria, Note: X-coordinate of O7 adjusted to make the four M8-O7 bonds equivalent