Formula: (Ba.56 K.39 Na.05) (Fe1.95 Mg.78 Mn.09 Ti.18) (Si2.44 Al1.56) O11.36 (F.64 H1.36)
Name: Ferrokinoshitalite
Unit cell: 5.389 9.337 10.054 90.0 100.53 90.0 , V=497.37
Space group: C12/M1 (12)

Guggenheim S , Frimmel H E , The Canadian Mineralogist , 37 (1999) p.1445-1452, Ferrokinoshitalite, a new species of brittle mica from the, Broken Hill Mine, South Africa: Structural and mineralogical, characterization, Locality: Broken Hill Mine, South Africa