Formula: Ca.737 Na.022 Mg1.052 Fe.116 Mn.003 Al.109 Ti.001 Cr.04 Si1.934 O6
Name: Diopside
Unit cell: 9.724 8.898 5.256 90.0 106.56 90.0 , V=435.91
Space group: C12/C1 (15)

Salviulo G , Princivalle F , Demarchi G , Fabro C , Physics and Chemistry of Minerals , 19 (1992) p.213-219, Effects of Ca-Mg substitution in C2/c pyroxene structure on, natural clinopyroxenes from spinel peridotite nodules (Pico Cabugi, Brazil), Sample: PC133, Locality: sample from Pico Cabugi, Brazil