Formula: (Ce.53 Nd.28 La.1 Pr.045 Sm.02 Eu.015 Gd.005 Y.005) S C O10 H7
Name: Coskrenite-(Ce)
Unit cell: 6.007 8.368 9.189 99.9 105.55 107.71 , V=407.41
Space group: P-1 (2)

Peacor D R , Rouse R C , Essene E J , Lauf R J , The Canadian Mineralogist , 37 (1999) p.1453-1462, Coskrenite-(Ce), (Ce,Nd,La)2(SO4)2(C2O4).8H2O, a new rare-earth oxalate mineral, from Alum Cave Bluff, Tennessee: Characterization and crystal structure, Locality: Alum Cave Bluff, Tennessee, USA