Formula: Ce4 Fe2.04 Ca.05 Mn.04 Y.03 Zr.03 Ti2.57 Nb.16 Si4 O22
Name: Chevkinite-(Ce)
Unit cell: 13.4 5.7232 11.0573 90.0 100.537 90.0 , V=833.69
Space group: C12/M1 (12)

Sokolova E V , Hawthorne F C , Della Ventura G , Kartashov P M , The Canadian Mineralogist , 42 (2004) p.1013-1025, Chevkinite-(Ce): Crystal structure and the effect of moderate radiation-induced, damage on site-occupancy refinement, Locality: Mongolia, Reported formula: (Ce1.85 La1.11 Nd.53 Pr.15 Sm.04 Gd.03 Ca.32 Th.02), (Fe2+.85 Mn2+.04 Zr.03 Y.03 Ca.05) (Ti2.54 Fe3+1.19 Nb.15) Si4.06 O22, Crystal (2an)