Formula: (Ce.44 Nd.22 La.21 Th.06 Y.03 U.02 Ca.02) Fe1.671 Ti.939 Al.381 Sn.009 As1.16 Si1.68 O13
Name: Cervandonite-(Ce)
Unit cell: 6.508 6.508 18.52 90.0 90.0 120.0 , V=679.31
Space group: R3M (160)

Demartin F , Gramaccioli C M , Graeser S , The Canadian Mineralogist , 46 (2008) p.423-430, The crystal structure of cervandonite-(Ce), an interesting example of, As3+ - Si diadochy, Locality: Alpine fissures at Pizzo Cervandone, Scherbadung, Central Alps, Note: Chemistry from original description of the mineral.