Formula: Na6.462 Sr5.496 Zr7 Si21 B3 O78 H18
Name: Bobtraillite
Unit cell: 19.72 19.72 9.9788 90.0 90.0 120.0 , V=3360.65
Space group: P-3C1 (165)

McDonald A M , Chao G Y , The Canadian Mineralogist , 43 (2005) p.747-758, Bobtraillite, (Na,Ca)13Sr11(Zr,Y,Nb)14Si42B6O132(OH)12*12H2O,, a new mineral species from mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec: description,, structure determination and relationship to benitoite and wadeite, Locality: Poudrette quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada