Formula: Cs.079 O18.19 Na.419 (Li.66 Be2.34) Al2 Si6 H2
Name: Beryl
Unit cell: 9.2101 9.2101 9.2179 90.0 90.0 120.0 , V=677.16
Space group: P6/MCC (192)

Yakubivich O V , Pekov I V , Steele I M , Massa W , Chukanov N V , Crystallography Reports , 54 (2009) p.399-412, Alkali metals in beryl and their role in the formation of derivative structural motifs:, Comparative crystal chemistry of vorobyevite and pezzottaite, Locality: Lipovka pegmatite field, Rezh District, Central Urals, Urals Region, Russia, Note: T = 100 K, Note: variety vorobyevite, Note: Coordinates of O1 and O2 corrected by Yakubivich