Formula: Ca1.65 Mn1.2 Mg.1 (Fe.2 Al1.8) Si4 B O16 H
Name: Axinite-(Mn)
Unit cell: 7.162 9.207 8.972 91.84 98.16 77.34 , V=571.39
Space group: P-1 (2)

Belokoneva E L , Pletnev P A , Spiridonov E M , Crystallography Reports , 42 (1997) p.934-937, Crystal structure of low-manganese tinzenite (severginite), Note: O2 position not included in the paper, so we deduced it from the reported bondlengths, Locality: Tungatarovskoe manganese deposit, Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russia