Formula: Ba.4 Ti4 O8
Name: Ankangite
Unit cell: 10.12 10.12 2.96 90.0 90.0 90.0 , V=303.15
Space group: I14/M1 (1)

Shi-bin X , Hai-fu F , Xiao-jing W , Fang-hua L , Acta Crystallographica, Section A , 46 (1990) p.929-934, Direct methods in superspace. II The first application to an unknown, incommensurate modulated structure, Note: this is the average structure, isomorphous with hollandite, Note: y-coordinate of O2 altered from .248 to make regular TiO6 polyhedra, Locality: Shiti barite deposit, Ankang County, Shaanxi, China