Formula: Y.65 La.001 Ce.005 Pr.001 Nd.015 Sm.017 Gd.042 Dy.042 Er.023 Yb.018 Th.07 U.04 Ca.01 Fe.03 Ti1.41 Nb.36 Ta.22 W.05 O6
Name: Aeschynite-(Y)
Unit cell: 11.031 7.448 5.188 90.0 90.0 90.0 , V=426.24
Space group: PNMA (62)

Bonazzi P , Menchetti S , European Journal of Mineralogy , 11 (1999) p.1043-1049, Crystal chemistry of aeschynite-(Y) from the Western Alps:, residual electron density on difference-Fourier map, Sample: VV, Locality: western Alps