Cell-folding gallery 

The images shown here are unfolded unit cells for some sample structures. To see a large image for printing click at any of the images below. All images were created with one of the different structure viewer programs from MDI (Materials Data, Inc.)   

created by S.Weber, 2004

Please note that the images are projections of the whole unit cell onto each face. Therefore the atoms are generally not continuous across the edges (crease lines), since they might be at different depth values.  When viewing red/blue stereo images you may have to rotate a face about its normal vector, in order to bring it into the orientation for which the projection was made.

Diamond (Red/Blue Stereo)

Diamond (Space-filling)

Cuprite  (Space-filling)

Halite  (Space-filling)

Corundum (Ball-Stick)

Cernyite (Ball-Stick)

Bucky-ball (Ball-Stick)

Bucky-ball (Red/Blue Stereo)

Quartz  (Ball-Stick)

Quartz (Space-filling)

Sphalerite  (Ball-Stick)

Anatase  (Ball-Stick)