Steffen Weber 1996

(page last modified on April,16,1996)

This is a subprogram of XR95 compiled for separate release. It allows you to draw the habit of a crystal after giving the indices of the planes (hkl) and their distances from the origin. This program will remain a separate compilation for the near future , because at the moment I cannot implement it into XR95 itself, due to the existing DOS-barrier for static variables.

If you could create some nice-looking crystal shapes with this program, please send me some input files (*.ind). At a later stage I plan to implement VRML output. (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) Then you could put your shapes into your homepages for browsing with a 3D-viewer. This would offer many more possibilities for the resulting graphics, such as a real shading and transparency.

Check also my Java applets JShape and JCrystalApplet and my Java program JCrystal.

Screen Example

main features

Graphics Output

1. PostScript Example
2. PostScript Example
3. PostScript Example

Release Notes
- first release on March/04/1996
still some bugs present, which I try to eliminate soon
- update from March/09/1996
slight changes in PS-output
input distances are now absolut distances