how to start JSV

Under Windows you may just execute the provided jsv.bat file to start JSV. This may be linked to shortcut on your desktop.

Or you may start JSV in one of the following ways :
-mx specifies the maximum heap size to be available to JAVA (here for example 50Mbytes; -Xmx50m)

without specifying an input file java -cp jsv.jar JSV
java -cp jsv.jar -Xmx50m JSV
starting with a cell file java -cp jsv.jar JSV NaCl
java -cp jsv.jar -Xmx50m JSV NaCl
starting with a SDF file java -cp jsv.jar JSV C60.SDF
java -cp jsv.jar -Xmx50m JSV C60.SDF

Instead of giving an input filename as parameter you may just load files from the menu "File".

Open SDF files always with [File][load SDF] !!! Open cell files always with [File][open *.cell] !!!