release JSV1.08 lite

JSV requires Sun Microsystem's JDK1.2 .
It is possible to open a Java3D window for true 3D graphics. However, this requires the Java3D classes to be installed, which are presently available for Windows, Solaris and for LINUX (check

You might still encounter some problems, that I am not aware of now. I cannot test all aspects, although I try to write this program as general as possible. I tested Sun Microsystems new Hot Spot Java interpreter. I could, however , not note any speed improvements. This might be due to the fact that HotSpot speeds up calculations, whereas the actual drawing time per frame does not change much. A major performace critical point is available RAM memory. You need at least 32 Mb. However it works best with 64Mb or more. The point is that the RAM has to hold the WINDOWS operating system, the JAVA interpreter (which is like an additional operating system) and JSV with all its data itself. WINDOWS and the interpreter take already lots of RAM. If you have many atoms and bonds, rotations might be slow with 32 Mb.

JSV1.08lite is Careware and can be copied and distributed freely as long as no profit is made by doing so. If you like JSV please do support UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund).

User feedback is expected, so that I can improve JSV. I changed some space group routines and I hope I did not introduce some bug there. If you find anything unusual please contact me.

JSV1.08 - full version

The full version of JSV1.08 will be available sometime in October 1999 on my new website, since I am leaving Japan. The details for ordering JSV1.08 will be given there. If you purchase JSV1.08 you will also obtain free updates for 12 months.

differences over JSV1.08 lite


Steffen Weber, September 5, 1999

The GIF encoder routine is by Jef Poskanzer ( and one of the JPG encoders is by James R.Weeks (BioElectroMech). The space group file is based on F.Izumi's file SPGRA and POWDER CELL's file slx.dat by W.Krause & G.Nolze (pcw1.0, BAM Berlin). The included VRML viewer I downloaded from the VRML-Java3D workgroup. However, I modified it slightly to suit it to JSV.