Thanks for using JSV. I hope you will find my software useful for your purposes. I have been working on and off on JSV since spring 1998. However this is only one of my hobby projects. If you are interested in more Java programs check my home page. You might be interested in JCrystal, which is a program for drawing crystal shapes and which also outputs HTML files for the JCrystalApplet. This allows you to include animated crystal shapes into your homepage without plug-ins and data files. The crystal gallery on my homepage shows some examples.

JSV is originally based on my DOS programs XRSV and XRDIFF. I gladly abandoned DOS programming, since JAVA gives me much more possibilities for creativity. And best of all you may use my Java programs on Windows and Linux, which for scientists are probably the operating systems of choice.

I will continue developing JSV. I will improve its present features and add new useful ones. So please check the jsv news from time to time. You may also mail me for suggestions etc.


Steffen Weber, May/15/1999