The JSV directory contains several subdirectories for storing the different file types in an orderly fashion.

Contains JSV's input files including sample files in the subdirectory samples/. I recommend to use the file extension *.jsv for Windows users, so that the input files may be associated with the provided jsv.bat .

Contains these help files and additional HTML files with information on the JSV modules

The library directory contains data files needed by JSV in order to function. I recommend not to edit those files! You may edit the atom radii from within JSV. If you don't like my selection of atom colors and you are familiar with RGB colors you may edit the color palette though (but don't change the number of colors=34).

color.pal - color palette for atom colors
jsv.cfg - configuration file with atom radii
jsv.cfg2 - configuration file with window settings and file history
jsv.rad - table of radii, editable from within the periodic table under atom radii/colors
jsv.fft - formfactor table for structure factor calculations
jsv.sgr - space group symmetry operators
spg.txt - space group names, used by the input file editor
pt.cfg - configuration for periodic table
gifindex - data on which color is used for which atom
jstereogram.cfg - configuration file for the modul JWulff
simple.wrl - vrml file required by the VRML viewer
template.SDF - a template file for writing SDF files

Contains the PostScript output written by JSV.

Contains JSV's proprietory file format *.SDF (Structure Description File). These files contain all information for displaying a structure as it was seen on screen, including all added bonds, polygons, polyhedra and colors.(except atom colors, which depend on your settings under atom radii/colors). The SDF files are not supposed to be edited!

Contains the VRML files written by JSV . (virtual reality modelling language). In order to view those files you need a webbrowser plug-in or a stand-alone VRML viewer like GLView3.6 for Windows.

Contains the xray-diffraction data files, which are written by JSV for viewing with the XRDL modul.

when importing data files JSV first looks in this directory to find them