Bond display properties

Before JSV1.07 only global display properties could be used in JSV. Now you may specify display style (thin lines, triangles, thick line , half & half) and bond color for each bond you create.

When you specify bonds in the input file and load it then by default the global properties are used. If you read a SDF file the individual properties are read in, if the SDF file was written with JSV1.07 or later.

How to specify individual bond properties:

before you do [Bonds][make single bonds] or [Bonds][make all bonds ..] you can select a bond style from the [View] menu and a bondcolor from [Options][color settings][bonds]. Then upon creating the bonds those properties will be assigned to them. So you can create several different bonds and each time choose different settings before you do.

In order to get the created bonds displayed with these properties you have to check the checkbox [Mode][individual bond]. If that checkbox is not checked then all bonds will be displayed using the present global bond properties.

When you write a SDF file (which has a new format as of JSV1.07) the corresponding bond properties will be saved.

The example file ps\ demonstrates the PostScript output for the different styles.