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Please test software before purchase.

The proceeds are used to fund the education of a student in the Philippines. Thank you.

Product Name



Single User License

Classroom License



JCrystal (SUL)
49.95 $ 

JCrystal (CRL)
149.00 $ 



KrystalShaper (SUL)
49.95 $ 

KrystalShaper (CRL)
149.00 $ 

Nanotube Modeler


NanotubeModeler (SUL)
49.95 $ 

NanotubeModeler (CRL)
149.00 $ 



WinWulff (SUL)
49.95 $ 

WinWulff (CRL)
149.00 $ 



Kossel/Kikuchi (SUL)
99.95 $

Kossel/Kikuchi (CRL)
199.00 $



QuaRef (SUL)
99.95 $ 

QuaRef (CRL)
199.00 $

Fourier Painter


Donation (SUL)
9.95 $

Donation (CRL)
149.00 $




Single User License

Classroom License

  • Ordering
    When paying by credit card you must provide a valid email-address to which the password will be sent.
  • Software Delivery
    Use one of the download links above to download the software. After Payment a Registration Password will be emailed to you usually within 12 hours.
  • Single User License:  
    Software can be installed on all PC belonging to Licensee for exclusive use by Licensee (the buyer).
  • Multi User License (Classroom License):  
    Software can be installed on unlimited number of PC within licensed institution (e.g.: university department or a company etc.).
  • Updates:
    Licenses are permanent and do not expire. Future updates are free. A new password may be requested if your previous one does not work with newer versions.

Credit Card Payment through PAYPAL

For our secure online credit card payment option through PAYPAL use the buttons in the table above. No PAYPAL account necessary! Just click the [Continue] button on the PAYPAL page if you do not have a PAYPAL account or click the link [Don't have a PayPal account?] .

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